Expect Success!

The Science of the Over 50 Career Search


Your Winning Guide to Getting Hired

One of the toughest periods to find a job in a person’s work-life can be when they are approaching age 50 – or older. Some hiring managers and employers view employees who are over 50 as “out of touch” in the modern working world. Expect Success! The Science of the Over 50 Career Search guides the seasoned workforce through 12 proven steps that can give you the knowledge and skills to being hired for the career you deserve.

Bill Humbert's third book, Expect Success! The Science of the over 50 Career Search!
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I had my initial contact with Bill for a senior sales role for an international corporation.  Bill conducted the initial interview, made several improvements to my resume and presented my candidacy to his client.  Throughout the process, Bill remained in contact and continued to advise and coach me."

- Michael Bunney


According to the Gallup 2018 State of the American Workplace, only 36% of professionals are happy in their jobs. With challenges that have arisen because of COVID-19, and the economic hardships of the economy, upwards of 12 million Americans are out of work. So how do you win the game of the job acquisition? Play it like a winning athlete. Every champion understands they must learn, practice, execute, and repeat. Job hunters with the right attitudes, work ethic, and proper techniques beat their competition.

Whether you are a CEO/CFO; a professional manager or sole contributor; a technology, an accounting/finance, or a sales/marketing professional, the skills you need to land your dream job are the same. Are you willing to learn the winning plays from a seasoned coach?


Who should read this book?

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  • Professionals actively searching for a new position because they have already lost a job as a result of a reduction in force.
  • Professionals who decided to explore other options because they survived one company lay off and want to protect their career from the second round of layoffs.
  • Professionals who decided to take control of their careers, become independent of the largesse of the company to determine — and often undermine — their growth and promotions. These professionals always have a simmering search – ready to take it to a boil on a moment’s notice.

Finding a job is always an arduous process, but right now, it is even more difficult. Bill’s book shows readers the ‘in’s & out’s’ of job recruitment and it provides an insider’s guide to standing out from the competition."

-  Jeffrey Hayzlett -- Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Speaker, Author and Part-Time Cowboy

Lead the Interview with your Results

In this new book, you will uncover proven ways to promote your years of action and experience through storytelling. People remember stories better than lists because we put ourselves into the story and relive it with you. While you are telling your story in the interview process, we are picturing the events as though we were there. Tell them what you experienced, discovered, learned, and acted on. What were the results? How has that influenced you ongoing?


Let’s do a quick dive into how to develop a job interview discussion using the 4 W’s for your skills or attributes. This is a phenomenal way to demonstrate your ability.

  • What was the challenge?
  • What were your analysis and action?
  • What was the result?
  • What did you learn?


Telling a story with these four components gives prospective employers a strategic look into how you will solve challenges, come up with solutions and implement activities that yield results in their organization.

Fight Fear with Action

I make the argument that if you are 50 years old or older, you have a significant advantage over younger workers.

  • In the past three decades, you have contributed to the growth of one or more companies.
  • You have gained valuable expertise in your field.
  • You understand that a proven process to the job search can yield a successful career upgrade.
  • You know how to focus on the action steps to create a result.

A Deeper Look:

Giving You the Edge to Outsmart Ageism in the Workplace

The career search game has changed. Your resume won’t get in front of human eyes until it has been scanned and vetted by a program using artificial intelligence. What’s more is that most job descriptions rarely reflect the true job. You might try to mirror the description verbiage as closely as possible in your resumes, but If the description does not accurately describe the job, neither will the resume.


How can job seekers overcome these obstacles? The answers to these frustrating realities are clearly spelled out in Bill Humbert’s new book, Expect Success, The Science of the Over 50 Job Search.

Bill Humbert

Talent Attraction Consultant

Bill Humbert

Talent Attraction Speaker

Nationally known as an engaging speaker, expert talent attraction consultant, and career transition professional with 3 published books (Bill is looking forward to meeting you!

He has talent attraction experience since 1981, contributing to the success of companies by attracting top talent – and training clients to attract top talent after his engagement is complete. Bill’s talent attraction consultant business is unique within the United States. Bill works with one company at a time and charges a flat monthly fee for recruitment and top talent consulting. Therefore, his clients span many different industries and locations.

He is a national member of the National Speakers Association who motivates his audience to learn methods to improve their productivity while enjoying their job. Talent acquisition is more difficult than top talent attraction. The outcome of his speech, Make Your Company ROAR (Recruit, Onboard, Actuate, and Retain), is higher success attracting top talent and retaining them as part of an engaged workforce. His speeches are conversations with his audience. He loves to meet members of the audience prior to a speech to learn their views of a topic and address areas of concern during his public conversation. All speeches are customized, so clients receive the best outcome from their engagement with RecruiterGuy.

He is a desired national television guest with over 102 television interviews including on CNN Headline News, third party eBook author, podcast guest, and national radio guest. He creates new content upon request from his clients. He is passionate about his topics, including proper goal setting where he discusses how he set a goal to hitchhike from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, CA in 5 days – and was successful in both 1969 and 1970. Then translate proper goal setting to increase employee engagement. Remember, a goal setting and achieving employee is, by definition, an engaged employee. Raise your company’s productivity with engaged employees!
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